• Tera Barnes

Welcome to the Season of Earthy Taurus! April 19th, 2020.

This beautiful period graces our lives when we are faced with a situation that restricts us from doing many of our "normal" day to day things. However, the bright side is, we are not restricted from enjoying the peace and tranquility that Mother Earth provides us. She comes to us in this time of trial with an extended hand to life our spirits. She asks us to remember that we must find our connection with her and her energy once again. Put your feet in the grass. Lay in the Sun. Watch the clouds go by. Mother Gaia is not complicated nor restrictive. Find solace in that when you start to feel overwhelmed or energetically low. She will never ask you for more than you can give, and she will always share herself with you unconditionally.

The Season of Taurus also urges us to be creative. When we can fully give our minds over to the stillness, you allow yourself to be completely present. Seems like a pretty easy and self-explanatory concept, right? But for many, it's a really hard task! That's why taking a drawing or painting class, or even learning to play an instrument, will give your mind something to pass the time, strengthen your connection to your higher self in an uncomplicated way, while allowing your body to rest and decompress.  Sounds like a win-win situation!

We are also welcoming the New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, April 22nd. New Moons provide us the opportunity to be reflective on the past few weeks in terms of our goals. It's here that we can see where we have been successful, need some fine tuning, or even a total redo. The New Moon is also the time to plant new seeds of intentions. Following the energy of Taurus Season, ask yourself the following questions:

1.) Where in your life are you overwhelmed? How can you bring in more balance?

2.) How can you implement more time focusing on the right now, rather than the what ifs?

3.) How can you spend more time exercising your creative muscles?

4.) How can you commit to spending more time enjoying Mother Nature in order to ground your energy and recharge?

Over the course of the 2-3 days of the New Moon, Sit with these questions. Perhaps add in some of your own. How can you make the responses you came up with a part of your life now? Again, they don't have to be overly huge commitments. Start small and work your way up.

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