• Tera Barnes

Venus Retrograde: Tuesday, May 12th, 2020.

Venus Retrograde: Venus is the Planet that rules over the signs of Taurus and Libra. She places importance on our values, love, harmony, pleasure, and beauty. So, with Venus going into retrograde, we may find ourselves questioning these areas more. This particular retrograde is a bit rarer, because it happens once every 18 months! Venus will begin and end Her Retrograde in the sign of Gemini starting Today, May 12th through June 27th. Message For The Collective: You are going to be asked to take a look at how you choose to express yourself, love, as well as your core values and needs. You have all the magic you need within you. You always have. Over the next 18 months, you need to embrace not only the grounded energy of Taurus, but also the energy of Gemini in order to truly feel versatile, and willing to reach beyond your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to explore the world in new ways. Allow the freedom that it brings you, steering clear of narrow minded thinking. You are really good at showing your Love for others. Taking into consideration their needs and wants. Now, the tables turn. How do YOU want to feel alive? How do you want to feel loved? How do you show yourself that you matter? These are areas that have maybe been lacking, and need some fine tuning. You can't help anyone when you are stressed out, overwhelmed, fearful, moody, sad, or any other's time to change the martyrdom mentality. This is a necessary my darling, not a maybe. If you are feeling disconnected, perhaps it’s because you have lost the bond or connection with Spirit/Source/God. Your intuition needs a bit of attention as well. This again, is about spending time loving yourself, reconnecting to the things that make you...YOU, and releasing the old and outdated versions. Sit with these cards. What message(s) come through for you specifically?

Astrology Cards: Astrosoul Oracle Deck by Maria J. Fajardo Praena

Oracle Cards: Magick of You Oracle by Fiona Horne

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