• Tera Barnes

Saturn Retrograde: Monday, May 11th, 2020.

Saturn, Our great cosmic teacher. With Him we learn about restrictions and discipline in our life. However, when Saturn, and any planet that goes retrograde, it’s a time for deeper introspection. This particular energy isn't so much about what we are learning FROM the world right now, its about the roles we have played IN the world, particularly in the past. Spirit along with the energy of Saturn wants the Collective to understand that you are the creator of your life and all that comes with it...the good, the bad, and the ugly right? But when we have made choices that were less for our highest good and more for convenience or even done with good intentions, the scenarios tend to come back around for further review later on. This is what we are looking at for the next 4 months. The message here is this: When you can truly look back at where you have deviated from the Soul's path, even in its smallest measure, reflect on that. Sit with it. Acknowledge truthfully where you played a part in the outcome. See the lesson(s) that were there for you. And my love, there's always a lesson! Do you need to step into your truth? Do you need to speak up for yourself more? Do you need to forgive or ask for forgiveness? When you can untangle these karmic knots, you will find that you are able to begin manifesting more of what you need and desire without hindrance or resistance. Flow babe. It's what we are after now. Is this an easy task? No. But you are not alone in this. Remember, you can't do this wrong! Take your time. Be graceful with yourself as you uncover, correct, and release. Sit with these cards. What message might they hold for you specifically?

Astrology Cards: Astrosoul Oracle Deck by Maria J. Fajardo Praena

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