• Tera Barnes

Pluto Stations Retrograde Today! April 25th, 2020.

Pluto is the planet of evolution. Its main purpose is to help us to align with a higher perspective in order to transmute and breakthrough whatever is holding us back, or no longer serving us. When Pluto goes into retrograde, it’s a time to slow down and pay attention to our thoughts, ideas and mindsets. It’s not the time to be plunging forwards with all kinds of gusto! It's the time for inner transformations. Kind of the ongoing trend of these past couple of months right? Pluto’s retrograde lasts 5 ½ months. So, during this time, Pluto is inviting us to really start processing (as if you haven’t been already) what you/us/we have been experiencing on a personal level with the pandemic. To connect with our higher selves, and to start implementing what we have learned. And when I say learned, I mean what has been coming up for you that has been for your highest good. This is shadow work at its finest! And honestly, it will prepare you for the next influx of change that is coming. This has been a real struggle for us as a collective, and its totally Plutos jam! Taking that darkness and bringing out the light! Making you see that you ARE the center of your own empowerment…it’s what you do with that knowledge that’s the key…and that’s where the retrograde comes in. So, get to work! Just to recap, Pluto's Retrograde begins today, Saturday, April 25th (in the sign of Capricorn) and will go direct on October 5th or 6th. (still in the sign of Capricorn). #theoptimisticoracle #space #spacestuff #pluto #dwarfplanet #plutoretrograde #taurusseason #astrology #cosmos #cosmichappenings #itswritteninthestars