• Tera Barnes

Oraclescopes For The Week Of May 10th-16th, 2020.

Each week you will have the opportunity to have guidance by use of Oracle Cards.

Oracle cards are an incredible tool to refine, shed light, empower, and bring you back to a deep inner knowing and connectedness with Spirit/Source.

These messages are Spirit guided specifically for the Collective (That's you!). Take some time before the start of the week, to look at the card that correlates to your Zodiac Sun sign to feel into what it's telling you specifically, as well as how the channeled message can add a little boost! As my dearest friend says, "Take what resonates, and leave the rest." Sometimes it can take time for things to bubble up to the surface, so be patient, and be open to what Spirit has in store for you.

If you are a little more advanced in astrology or are just curious, you can look at your Moon and Rising signs to get a more comprehensive weekly reading. If you don't know what your Moon or Rising signs are, no problem! You can go to plug in your information, and find out.

Have a beautiful week!


Tera, Your Optimistic Oracle

P.S. If you are loving these, I am now offering personalized Oraclescope readings for the WEEK and MONTH ahead! Enjoy!

Sacred Traveler Oracle Deck By: Denise Linn

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