• Tera Barnes

Jupiter Retrograde: May 14th, 2020.

Jupiter is the Planet that rules over the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It brings about expansion, growth, higher knowledge, faith, Divine order, and abundance. While in Retrograde, we get to experience these beautiful aspects on a Soul level rather than a worldly one. Jupiter will begin and end its retrograde in the sign of Capricorn from May 14th through September 12th, 2020. Message For The Collective: As a collective, we have been practicing compassion. Compassion towards others. Compassion towards situations. Compassion towards Gaia. Compassion. Compassion. But now, we must look towards ourselves. Are you showing yourself this same courtesy? Be kind. Be gentle. Be loving. Be YOU. Look at the areas in your life where this has been lacking. Where you feel the disconnect. Where you feel that nagging to feel through some emotions you haven't wanted to face. Stand in your power now, and remember who you are dear one. Your path isn't linear. Don't lose sight of what it is you want. Have patience as Jupiter works in your life and delivers your bounty all in a Divinely timed way. Flow baby. Flow. Clear the static or the stagnation of sitting and waiting. Find a creative outlet. Find a way to express yourself, your feelings, your wants, and desires in a way that resonates loudly of you, and your beautiful Soul essence. Have strength to root yourself deep into the next phase of your journey. Have the courage to go where you haven't been before and own every ounce of the experience! Find your pace. Find your rhythm. It's so unique to you. These next 4 months you will grow and stretch in ways you never expected. Find great illumination in it all. Oh, my heart, what a beautiful thing to watch... Sit with these cards. What message(s) come through for you specifically? #theoptimisticoracle #jupiterretrograde2020 #retrogradeseason #lessonsfromtheuniverse #oraclecardreadings #spiritguidedmessages #retrogradeseason2020 #astrology #intuitivereadings