• Tera Barnes

Full Super Moon In Scorpio: Thursday, May 7th, 2020.

Image by: Cosmic Collage

This Scorpio full moon kicks off the Full Moons for the Month of May, and its honestly one of the most intense moons we have. This is because Scorpio is about reaching the depths of our psyche and tapping into the shadows, which can be very energetically heavy on the emotional, mental, physical, and the energetic bodies. You don’t have to be a Scorpio to feel this energy. We will all feel it in some way as a collective.

Scorpio is a very transformative sign. A sign that has no problem diving deep into the shadows, and will face any darkness head on because they know what they want, and where they want to be. So, going through the turmoil seems natural to Scorpio’s. It’s the reward (or rebirth if you will) of coming out the other side bigger, better, and more powerful than when we started, that feeds Scorpio and their intensity.

Now, Scorpio is actually the opposing sign of Taurus. So, it’s interesting when they come together. You would think that they would work against each other energetically. And in some ways they do, but they actually have similar goals, and that to bring you to the here and now. So, for example, Taurus wants you to be grounded, and Scorpio says that’s awesome! I like that…but let’s be grounded and rooted at a soul level. So yes, there’s a contrast…but ultimately they want the same thing.

So, when these two energies collide with the full moon, the lower vibrations of each sign are being illuminated. Like Scorpios tendency to not want to feel emotion, so they busy themselves causing all kinds of unnecessary tension, anxiety, perfectionism, and even obsession…when really, the deep feelings are Scorpios true place of power but they are too distracted to see that. I heard something that resonated and it was, “sometimes the phoenix doesn’t need to rise, she just needs to fly.” I can totally relate to that!

Taurus actually has a similar low vibration but in regards to tangible things, like resources, money, possessions. Taurus forgets that they are creative and usually really self-reliant which makes them great manifestors! But they become very obsessed with all the outside things, and it blocks their inner guidance system which steers them away from inner peace, also making them full of anxiety and obsessive.

So, with the full moon…this is the time to see where you may be leaning more into the lower vibrations of these signs. Look at how you can get away from being so distracted and return to peace, and groundedness. Return to your connection with the Universe. Let it guide you. You don’t have to have all the answers about the future…just a little guidance on what’s happening today. Right now. Ask and I promise, you will receive!

Have some grace and patience with yourself. Release some of these areas you see that are blocking you and lowering your vibrations. This in itself is transformative. Let the Power of the Moon remind you who you are. Step into that power, and its infinite possibilities.

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