The Optimistic Oracle specializes in Oracle Card Readings, Intuitive Coaching, & Natal Charts. Providing Services to the Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Scottsdale,Tempe, Queen Creek, and San Tan Valley Areas. 

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Let's Start Unpacking, Shall We?

When we are in the midst of life, and all the things start to compound around, work, money, can become difficult to navigate through those tougher times with a clear mind. We may feel overwhelmed, stressed out, uninspired, or even stuck. 

I truly believe that when you are willing to sit in the unknown in order to explore, and reach into a new level of growth and inspiration, you are allowing the walls of limits and disconnection to breakdown, which ultimately paves the way for beauty and freedom in everything you are and do. Your energy changes. Your frequency raises. You are then telling the Universe to bring it on! You are ready!


 Our Time Together:

My readings are easy flowing conversations which feel more like coffee with an old friend. This time is

about YOU. It's structured in a way that is fitting to you, in order for you to get exactly what you need, right now. No pressure. No stress. 

It's a time to start unpacking some self-limiting beliefs, entertain some new ways of looking at things, and have the confidence to go forward knowing that you are truly guided in whatever decision YOU choose. 

What To Expect:

While we are unpacking and digging deep into the heart of why you are really here with me, 

you may notice that I may close my eyes from time to time. Be assured, I am not taking a nap! I am stepping deeper into your energy, and sifting through it.

In doing this, my "Spirit Tribe" is making connections to things that you may need to address first. The conversation, may deviate a bit from the original inquiry in order to get the meat and potatoes of the situation.

I find that sometimes when we are feeling lots of things, it can be difficult to articulate what exactly we need help or guidance with. It can come out in a wad of information, and it can seem very scattered.

This helps me, to help you.

I want you to know that your reading is special. There are no made up spreads or question templates.

I pull as Spirit is directing me. The cards that come up are just for YOU. The message will be what you NEED to hear, not always what you WANT to hear. There is some tough love that happens sometimes. Please know that this is not to frustrate you. This is a validation that everything happens in Divine timing, and that we have to have Faith. As someone once told me, " What is meant for you will not pass you by." We just have to trust the process. 


Side Note:

Sharing some personal information with me, does not take away from the reading. Hollywood has done a great job of placing all "Card Readers" into the "Psychic" and "Mind Reader" categories.

Not all of us are! Some people just like reading Tarot or Oracle cards! Not all Psychics or Mediums are mind readers either! In fact it's kind of slim! 

So, when you come for your reading, sharing your heart is never a bad thing! It helps us to connect on a human level, share compassion, and allows you to say what needs to be said, in a non-judgmental safe zone. 

What's Next?

Now that you are up to speed on how this whole thing works, it's up to you to take the next step! 


In Person or Live Virtual Readings are $77. 

By clicking the button that best suits your needs below, you can start the process of getting your Oracle Card Reading session started!

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