The Optimistic Oracle specializes in Oracle Card Readings, Intuitive Coaching, & Natal Charts. Providing Services to the Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Scottsdale,Tempe, Queen Creek, and San Tan Valley Areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How Long Do The Readings Last?

Readings typically last 60-90 minutes. I find that they are quite in depth, and you may even have your "Spirit Tribe" of loved ones stop in. A lotting for at least 90 minutes, would be your best bet! 

What Is The Difference Between Oracle & Tarot Cards?

Let me start off by saying that I love Tarot cards, and use them daily alongside my Oracles in my private practices. 


For me personally, I find that people are very intimidated or can be nervous at what Tarot cards are going to tell them. They don't want to see the death or the devil card! If per chance they do, their fears are amplified. I honestly felt that I didn't have as tight of a connection during the reading because they were so focused on those cards or the idea that they may get them, that the readings weren't to their full potential.

With oracle cards, I find quite the opposite! They are uplifting, empowering, kind, and always deliver messages of truth and guidance without being stressful. I do feel that as humans, we have to take responsibility for the roles we play in our lives, and the cards allow for thoughtful communication on what we can do to better our thoughts, which leads to better choices, resulting in positive outcomes.

Do You Only Read Oracle Cards?

Yes. I personally choose to focus more on the Oracle cards as my main form of communication. I feel that I connect more deeply with them, and they allow for Spirit to come through and communicate more freely.

Have no fear, they deliver the same clear and concise information as Tarot cards! Just less stressful!

Have You Had Times When The Messages Didn't Make Sense?

Not really. The messages may not always make sense to you as they are based on Spirit and Angel communication. They are intended to provide clarity around a situation to enable you to go forward. Because you're running on high emotions before you come as well as during, I find my clients sometimes have a bit of amnesia when they are with me! It's not uncommon! Take comfort in knowing that if it doesn't make sense now, it will later when your mind and emotions can come back to baseline.

So be patient! 

How Often Can Someone Come For A Reading?

I don't think there is a limit! However, I would say that once a month would probably be the best. We have to remember that Spirit works on a different timeline than we do. It's not instantaneous, even though we wish it was! It's about having faith that the plan set before you will happen. It's already yours! It's just going to happen when it's supposed to.

Rushing or forcing things to occur outside of the timeline never proves to be a great idea. 

How Should I Prepare For My Session?

Before you come to your session, have a shower, a nice cup of tea or coffee, a walk, a jog, something to clear your mind. Set aside a few moments to focus on what it is you want guidance on. Write it down!

When you are thinking of what you want to ask, keep this in mind:

The oracle cards do not answer 'yes' or 'no' questions. For example:

"Should I leave my husband?" Is not a question that they will answer. However, they can and will answer questions such as: 

"What is it that I'm missing in my relationship?"

"How can I communicate the way that I feel to my husband?"

"What is it that I can bring to this relationship?"

"How can I bring healing?"

"How can I connect more harmoniously with my husband?"


Oracle cards aren't there to say, "I'll tell you what to do. I'll take responsibility for the way things are and will be." The Oracle cards are saying, "I will empower you. I'll help you. I'll show you what you can do. I'll help you by supporting you and empowering you with guidance and direction."

Additionally, they cannot answer questions regarding dates or time. Again, we have to remember that Spirit works on different time frequency than we do. Be patient and let things happen as they should.

With all that being said, think about your questions in a "What" and "How" format. 

Can I Pay At The Time Of My Reading?

Your session fee needs to be paid at the time of booking, which is prior to your session. That way you can come in, relax, and receive your guidance without having to worry about anything else!

Why Should I Choose You To Read For Me? 

Who you have read for you is so important. The guidance you receive is so personal, that it seems logical to know a little bit about the person sitting before you! 

My job as a Light worker is to guide and help heal through times of struggle, allow for others to open their channels of creativity, get centered, get grounded, and get their mojo back! Additionally, I was granted the gift of second sight (clairvoyance) as well as clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (touch). Because I am gifted with the ability to speak Spirit to Spirit, it brings ultra healing as it is directly from Source, the highest form of truth. Unedited if you will. 

If you want to get to know me a little better, click HERE

So Wait, If You Speak To Spirit(s), Does That Mean You're A Psychic?

That's a great question! I do speak to Spirit, but I am not a Psychic. I am however, a Medium. 

Totally confusing right? Well, I will keep my explanation short!

My particular role as a Spirit Medium, is to speak to those who have passed. To deliver messages that they feel are relevant to you at this moment. To provide words of wisdom, as well as validation that they are still around. For me, the connection with Spirit is always about what you NEED to hear.

If you want to know more, click HERE.

Do You Make House Calls Or Do Parties?

Yes! I love making house calls! I would recommend however, that if you have an active household, find a time that you are free of distraction. That way, you are more open to receiving the messages you are meant to hear, and they are more impactful. If that isn't doable, no sweat! We can meet at a coffee shop as well! 

As far as parties, yes! It is super fun to get a group of your friends together, and have an Oracle Card Reading party! I love them! Remember, this is about empowering! What is more empowering than a group of people you love in the same room?

If you have any questions that you didn't see answered here, please feel free to drop me a line below!