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Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

At some point in our lives, we have had a discussion about our astrological sign. Most people will tell you their Sun Sign. This is the most commonly known sign that correlates to their birth day and birth month (Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, etc.). But did you know that there is so much more to it than that?

Your birth chart is the unique understanding of your true self and purpose during this time at Earth School. Unlocking the mystery of your specific behaviors and traits will allow you to utilize the energies that the Universe has to offer, in a way that will help you not only prepare, but succeed as you journey onward. 

What To Expect:

You will receive a beautifully custom designed 18-20+ page Natal Chart report detailing all the things that make you so YOU-nique! 

This includes: 

All about your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign, and your Ascendent Sign;

Your Planetary Frame work;

Your Astrological Tribe;

...and much more!

The Process:

If you are interested in learning more about you, a comprehensive Natal Chart reading will do the job! 

What I will need is:

  • Your Full Name. (If you're married, your legal last name is perfectly fine.)

  • Your Birth Date (Month/Day/Year)

  •  EXACT Time of Your Birth. (Make sure you indicate AM or PM) 

  • The City and State/Country you were born in. 

Example: January 16, 1973 @ 5:14AM

Glendale, California USA

Important Side Note:

Please note that you must know the exact time of your birth. If you don't know it, and you guess, your chart will NOT be accurate, and you will be wasting your money! 

What's Next?

Once I have all of your information, the Natal Chart creation begins! Charts are ready in 1-2 weeks, and will be send to you via email. 

*If you are giving this as a gift, please make sure you have all the necessary and correct information required.*

*Please make sure you super double check everything! *

$133 Digital PDF Report

REFUND POLICY: Due to the prep time required to research your full astrological chart and provide an in-depth interpretation, there can be NO cancellations or refunds. Double-check your e-mail address & astrological information before submitting your request.

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