The Optimistic Oracle specializes in Oracle Card Readings, Intuitive Coaching, & Natal Charts. Providing Services to the Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Scottsdale,Tempe, Queen Creek, and San Tan Valley Areas. 

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When Was Your Last Meaningful Conversation?

Some of my most favorite and "a-ha-ing" conversations have been had over coffee. Ya know, the ones where your hair is a mess, you're half in your pj's, and you are sitting with someone that you can bare your soul to without judgement. You can just let it alllll out!

Those are the times when you find clarity. Find direction. Find comfort. Find enlightenment. Find purpose.

When you are ready to have a chat with me, I want you to come as you are. Half dressed, over dressed, from the gym, from the office...I don't care. I am just glad you came. Pour yourself a cuppa something, have a snack, and let's start unpacking!

Our conversations are never complicated or founded on the premise that you're broken...because, you aren't! No one is! You are here to get a better understanding of life's ups and downs, the role they have played in your story, heal the hurts, clear out the crap, and rebuild a new foundation for the authentic life you want to live.

This isn't traditional therapy or coaching. This is Soul Restoration! It's the truest kind of self-healing there is!

It's here that we hold the space you need to be yourself while we explore your inner world together. I will guide you with patience, sometimes a little tough love, a shoulder to cry on, laughter, as well as the tools YOU need to be present in the now, and break free from the bindings of the past.

Let's get started...together.



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